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Human Rights Art Contest

Short-term joint staff training event 
from 28.10. - 31.10.19 in Alicante
Using e-learning platforms and e-tools in the classroom

Teacher training about modern internet tools to enhance students’ participation in the classroom and setting the schedule for the following two years

Using e-tools in the class

MH Med High LTD, Larnaca


Mount Mercy College, Cork


Liceul Teoretic "Onisifor Ghibu", Sibiu


Staatliche Fach- und Berufsoberschule Erlangen


Collège du Carbet, Martinique


Colegio San Agustin, Alicante


Colegio San Agustin, Alicante


Colegio San Agustin, Alicante

Apart from our teacher training:

Tour around school


Trip to Elche


Trip to Valencia

January 2020
International logocontest

And the winner is

Short-term exchange
of groups of pupils
from 15.3. -20.3.2020 in Larnaca
From prejudices to empathy

International Youth Forum 2020

Empathy walk

Presentation of the European games:

Romania: EU: Our rights and obligations
Germany: Inspirational activists
Spain: The History of the EU
France: Knowledge game about our European partners
Ireland: Brexit
Cyprus: Human rights


Guided tour at the border of Nicosia

Dragon competition

Visit of the carnival in Limassol

Visit of the archaeological sites in Kourio

Diary of our Romanian students

We are celebrating the Erasmusdays at all partner schools

Words of thanks from our students

Words of thanks from our students

Words of thanks from our students

Erasmus days in Martinique

Unser Team

Wir sind mehr als ein nur ein Haufen Experten: Bei uns arbeiten kluge Köpfe als Freunde zusammen. Gemeinsam stecken wir viel Freude und Leidenschaft in unser Produkt, das zeichnet uns aus.