Our project

Project summery

We’re living at a time when Europe is at a crossroads. We’re facing great challenges as we see more and more signs of dissolution in Europe. Will Europe disintegrate or can we turn around and find a way towards a common future? 

Our project meetings

Using e-learning platforms and e-tools in the classroom

To increase the quality of methodology a teacher training about modern internet tools will take place at the teachers meeting in Spain. 

Human rights

70 years ago, the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. An epochal step towards a "better world". But mistreatment and torture are still on the agenda today and even in some european countries we see an increasing restriction of Human rights.

From equality to equity

In our project meeting we propose to tackle with "From Equality to Equity" in school.
Diverse methodological approaches will be used.

From prejudices to empathy

Instead of focusing on the negative aspect of prejudice our goal is to try to use our local conflict in Cyprus as a starting point for the development of understanding and empathy in regards to our general European heritage and our shared humanity.

Intercultural competences

The aim of the project visit is to reflect on Racism and to develop multicultural and intercultural competencies. The goal is to increase understanding, respectful communication and full inclusion of people from different background.

From stereotypes to open-mindedness and respect

At this meeting participants will explore the themes prejudices, open-mindedness and respect, which are part of the curricula of all participating schools.